Publications Impact of Changing Energy Geostrategy on the South Caucasus Security Dynamics and its Relevance in the RA Strategic Defense Review

April 10, 2021by admin

A scientific article by Armen Manvelyan, a member of the Association of Political Science of Armenia, Candidate of Historical Sciences, entitled "The impact of energy geostrategic changes on the dynamics of security in the South Caucasus and the importance of taking them into account in the process of strategic review of the Defense of the Republic of Armenia" was recently published in the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia. In 2015, in the military-scientific journal "The Armenian Army" of the Institute of National Strategic Studies.Kanayana. In the 3rd room:

Taking into account the importance of the current problems of energy security, the article is also presented in full on the official website of the Association of Political Science of Armenia: