Publications The Imperatives of Modernization of National Identity

April 10, 2021by admin

THE IMPERATIVES OF MODERNIZATION OF NATIONAL IDENTITY (BASED ON THE S.HUNTINGTON`S MONOGRAPY “WHO ARE WE? THE CHALLENGES TO AMERICA`S NATIONAL IDENTITY”) After the collapse of the USSR process of globalization challenged the national identity of the USA. The author analyzed S.Huntington`s approaches according to which the national identity of the USA is threatened and concluded that the represented results had game specificity. This approach allows the US to create the imagine of the new enemy by transforming social, economic and political space, which have strategic importance for “American spirit”, into network. Based on S.Huntington`s approaches concerning Diaspora, the author suggests to research the latter in triune of past-present-future as a specific form of network activity: “Diaspora-historical homeland”, “Diaspora-accepting society”, Diaspora-international (intergovernmental) organizations”. This network form of preserving the national identity allows the self-determined in different areas identity to implement multivector modernization. This provides the opportunity to form global political agenda through network communication and transform it into an actor of global civil society. The author is convinced that this approach will allow Armenian Diaspora in the USA to struggle not only for restoration of historical justice (international recognition of Armenian Genocide), but also to be consistent in reassessment of traumatic memory and provision of prosperous life of Armenians in the world of future through the raise of own power and formation approaches to create the project “The Armenian world”. MARIAM MARGARYAN Doctor of Sciences (Political Science) Professor, PSAA Vice Chairman, Head of the Chair of Political Management and Political Analysis of the Public Administration Academy of the RA