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Procedure for joining and withdrawing from the PSAA

Citizens of the Republic of Armenia, as well as any adult citizen of a foreign state or a stateless individual who wishes to participate in its activities, accepts the PSAA charter and has the recommendation of a member of the PSAA Board or at least two PSAA members, can become a member of the Political Science Association of Armenia (PSAA):

A person wishing to become a member of the PSAA applies to the PSAA Board or sends an email to the Executive Director of the PSAA, Benyamin Poghosyan - bpoghosyan@psaa.am.

PSAA also has honorary members who are invited by the board member or two members. Prominent Armenian and international political scientists who have made a significant contribution to the development of political science, the solution of national and international political problems, the resolution of conflicts, the establishment of peace and security can become honorary members of the PSAA.

The PSAA Board considers the application for membership within one month after its receipt and makes a relevant decision. A person who has joined the PSAA is free to leave the Association on the basis of the relevant application.

A person who has joined the APNA freely leaves the APNA on the basis of a corresponding application:

Membership in the association is revoked by the decision of the PSAA Board due to non-compliance with the statutory and disciplinary principles, professional shortcomings and legislative violations.