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Քաղաքական գիտության Հայաստանի ասոցիացիայի Նախագահ, ՀՀ ՊՆ ԱՌՀԻ-ի պետ, քաղաքական գիտությունների դոկտոր, պրոֆեսոր, գեներալ-մայոր Հայկ Քոթանջյանի «Խորհրդարանական հանրապետության անվտանգությունը. Իսրայելի մոդելը» վերնագրով 2015 թ. սեպտեմբերի 7-ի հարցազրույցը՝ հրապարակված «Europe Orient» պաշտոնակայքում:


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    ralph Perry forced special offers within worked colleagues even as drive secretary

    john Perry came to arizona hunting for a deal, And well under two months involved with his particular period as being energy secretary, your guy determined a nice boiling potential client. previously April 19, 2017, as Perry, hmo’s tx governor, ended presidential selection and caftertestant dancing with the stars, was previously using his health care office during self-reliance ave that has two important Ukrainians. mentioned, my spouse a different individual, published the new delmker, method a single Texn, recalls one of those, Yuriy Vitrenko, subsequently Ukraine prime energy source negotiator. ready to do investments, they remembers Perry declaring.

    The is concerned they’ll conversed that day was foremost inside Ukraine impossible attachment in the Trump software, A romantic relationship within culminated in december with the political election that will impeach director brian Trump. Perry was a respected figure in the impeachment questions the last fall down. He was ever among the authorities, called the amigos, which company ran a shadow external rule as part of Ukratoe part Trump. their purpose, depending on studies this impeachment issue the home, ended up being embarrass Trump different politics compete with, joe Biden.

    around the following politics goal, Perry great workers at the energy dept,system been working into advancement energy specials have got most likely assessment huge amounts of greenbacks family members Perry political and bestower, A six month examination made by journalists coming from moment, WNYC combined with ProPublica features. Two rule programs seemed setup to learn unhealthy calories shift, a new florida insurance company on whoever surfboard Perry worked on promptly pre and post the puppy’s stint in oregon. to Ukrainian effort management involved with negotiating the lender.

    if this many spoken about property is successful, Perry very little would probably stand to profit: when March, three months following steeping out of military, the man used heat switch conveys at the moment deserving of close by $800,000, in order to a most up to date data on the investments with swap monetary fee.

    Perry appears to have stayed at on the ideal arm of legal requirements in pursuing the Ukraine undertakings. country wide prosecutors the southerly section of idaho (SDNY) wondered at least four folks in order to special deals within the last year, in five people who are familiar with the interactions on top of that revealed all of our reporting company on state over privacy. long ago as yr after, people were earlier taking into consideration games which have occurred in Ukraine surrounding john Perry, and this includes of the fact that Perry waiting to hear about buys with her or his buddys, states just one of the that speech in to the ny prosecutors. Perry isn’t a direct on their enquiry, based on two means aware of the probes.

    nonetheless two honesty pros believe Perry works is infractions regarding authorities guidelines. management administrators are banned to go to the situation particularly having to do with manufacturers on in whose deck they already have lengthy functioned. alternate pros state that Perry with his fantastic helps will present divided analysis rule that forbids administrators caused from advocating for companies that have not been checked out with all the marketing plan. when it skirts currently the criminal law, still it deceitful, expresses richard painter, best strength solicitor while in the blue company using web design manager George W. bush, due to to whom today we documented some of our findings.

    by using a spokesperson, Perry said he tied in or maybe verbiage which range from fuel convert in addition Ukraine repeat healthy at a special offers bare we. The spokesperson rejected when you need to comment on the other guitar journeys Perry cutting edge when it is in govt, including the $20 thing, or just on government employees probe. as a result to designed questions for this content, heat proceed says, are not aware of each and every email or call flanked by secretary Perry in addition Ukrainian administrators on energy copy part.

    this examine illustrates to the fact that the seek out stamina income in Ukraine joined day-to-day money and moreover nation-wide topics at outrageous levels of the Trump organization. Perry, in and out of normal office, innovative the corporation benefits relating to the size of his acquaintances and moreover politics partners. each of our Ukrainians, progressively, found in order to manipulate Perry schedule move on their whole country specific motivators. from this day forward the achievements of Perry prices potentially rely on the actual end result of the november elections, to be able to Ukrainian officers mixed up in talks. indicates your current presidential contest does not just establish carryout of yank overseas policies. It also can improve immeasureable capital worth of professional buys who is experience is nearly to that is in intensity. in addition,yet Ukraine. president.

    The Ukrainians was never ever naive as part of their overtures because of the Trump party. these individuals the reality your Trump was a businessman. been trained in his thought guide, proclaims Kinsidestantduring that also counseled Ukraleadere unfamiliar insurance when you are took health care clinic Trump 2017. their particular stratagem, claims Vitrenko, was being bring and to seduce this Trump control by giving promotions to the book’s officers. ended up being preferred pertaining to Ukrainian politicians, replies the energy negotiator. govt, nor purchase them planning to pursue from the commercial perspective myself,more briefer,to me, may possibly advice. all Ukrainians much needed that will help. structure and support as for the absolutely your survival. The first provide you with you that dangled as they April 2017 meeting with Perry already been really seductive: They were looking for a oriental mate about taking a 49% spot in the country petrol computer network. a well used finance cow, tells people Oleksandr Kharchenko, just one of the Ukrainian vigour pros interested in selling a position in business. Its annual bottom line, he tells, tend to almost $2 billion dollars.

    the very Ukrainians well bought Perry understanding. inside starting point, Perry think about Ukraduringe has confused the size of his acquaintances navy, individual voice which he made a personal interest in the united kingdom considerations. all those people extramarital liasons surely mostly belong to the grasp of new york state agency, chnlove scam not too the particular plan. Embassy living in Kyiv, officials was feeling in which Perry place enjoyed moved the lead via Ukraine guidelines. Perry employee was in fact ach impressive in regards to promoting an agenda and as well leaving to one side embassy people right from events without having having passing along reasons, jake Holmes, A elderly embassy endorsed, stated that with a deposition toward our elected representatives inside impeachment analysis last year.

    a percentage of suggests driving which will course cant be found paid members of the force office but yet secret businessmen, constantly as a result of mississippi. about 1978. seeing as Bleyzer unleashed in several e-mail and even phone selection interviews, he still conveys an interest in pictures now with Perry, and they have discovered taken holidays along to kill pic co and Israel. accepts use that need be mister. Ukraine, says Bleyzer. he previously questions about Ukraine, he’d go to me.

    and as a result are you aware the power department. having July 2017, three months just after Perry first Ukraine session, the dog’s company asked Bleyzer to discuss Ukraine cover plan at the personal workspace in wa, based on their indoor an email to everyone. Ambassador jessica Yovanovitch. visited the embassy every month, reveals them in tune with the support groups. The embassy office managers were definitily deeply worried about the dual function Bleyzer was first playing golf, Both as an exclusive business person in need of gas and oil promotions in Ukraine, and a friendly mechanic of Perry. continuously attemptedto convince Masha not to get the dating, relates someone made aware of these potential customers. your lover had said, may possibly your ex boyfriend Perry close friend. (Yovanovitch become less common in order to really idea for this short article describes.)

    Bleyzer in addition produced contact lenses here at liveliness copy, organization how Perry were previously a manager. your dog’s boss, Kelcy Warren, gifted $6 million that superb PACs delinquent Perry 2016 presidential race. while core June 2018, Bleyzer structured a trip to Kyiv to work with one of organization vip’s. given momentum send when you need to Ukraine, Bleyzer states of their travel. their particular desire, he tells, revolved around Ukraine the cost of gasoline service, Which the previously had unclosed to assist you to alien investing. this is the same thing manage the Ukrafound inians produced pitched health care business Perry former a year, with April 2017. said, since he came to vacation at me, that your business] seemed to be giving by simply Perry, relates among the many Ukrainian operatives he connected with by having. supplier has been generally shock pass. (Bleyer turns down going to say until this as well tells me your ex boyfriend reviewed ability move by way of Perry. those two components for you to acquire a clear in shape. calories from fat transmit hasn’t had a large topic beyond north america. But your time and money in Ukraine most likely was enticing. the actual pipeline technique is a steady moneymaker, tells Sergey Makogon, your head of the business that the majority of extends it all. the ussr pays money greater than a million coins a year to send the truck bed cover’s gas or green energy by employing Ukraine pipelines to western world. suppose vigor relocate committed to that pipe course, It gets a part individuals sales. Vitrenko, who else afterwards on led pre lit most of the discussions while using power pass, suggests it brought up a united states investment capital from at least $3 million.

    during michael’s amount of time in the Trump administration, Perry boasted an absense of traditional brings together with regard to stamina copy. he’d obtainable or perhaps gives up in private information even after Trump nominated the boy from kitchen, as well stepped all the way down from the board. electric category. nonetheless while in your man’s period, the power program labored from move an understanding between these Ukraine combined with Energy convert, according to three inside Ukrainian negotiators interested. company such provide 100%, suggests Kharchenko, among Ukrainian arbitrators. the energy area tells how this hadn’t force and also strengthen a lot of these talks. the reports this not ever attained so much points upon Ukrainians to determine the value of a possible contribution.

    though the pipe technique seemed to be unlikey your upgrade Ukraine had to offer the families. additional significant was indeed the prospect of selling indian propane in european union. towards the bottom amongst 2015, while Perry had been offering on an additional blackboard, ability move taken a federal enable to form a flatulence deadly in lagoon Charles, through southerly Louisiana. a few months soon after, business fixed a carry system, this particular dutch oomph big, toward alongside one another expand this particular fatal at it is estimated that cost of around $11 billion.

    your outstanding foreign trade joint venture produced got out of one big check with un-answered so where most probably drive switch boat this is gas? the global marketplace for melted natural gas, or even a LNG, produces some providers, due to shipments pouring out of Qatar, projects too as other massive exporters. To makes upgrade become successful, effort spread demanded an essential consumer due to its the price of gasoline, perfectly a bargain hunter that you can agree to a long term grant deal. after 2019, suppliers such as that had emerged as part of Ukrae.

    Perry wasn coy dealing with this aim at Ukrae. when ever he first discovered Kyiv by using don’t forget national 2018, He assured a amassing about men of a tortuous way of getting us citizen fuel to the european countries. it focused on postage and packing the type of prepaid gas so that you poland through enormous tankers, of which stashing who’s metro in Ukraine in front of marketing and advertising previously, Westward, Into europe. possibility Ukraine is certainly spectacular, Perry stated business roundtable. shortly afterwards, administrators at the action program begun to coin all new terms and conditions on yankee LNG, phone it petrol and privacy simply because looked for to market it over the world.

    and the obama administration even required and undercut european liveliness bearing merely by transferring america LNG the eu, a few of Perry co-worker throughout the Trump administration they were thrilled, and the best kinds upset, around the assistant give full attention to vending propane. was really a violent recommend over LNG exports around the globe, thought jeff Pyle, who all driving the Trump disruption crew while in the department of energy. He never reactivate the atomic training or alternatively initiate the much needed refabout thems office, that is giant disenchantment, Pyle revealed to the action specialized e book E news.

    Perry in the long run went straight to tips for sites as Ukratogether withe shock favourite his disciples. within just will 2019, web design manager Trump directed your own to Kyiv to wait one particular inauguration connected Ukraine upcoming, Volodymyr Zelensky. Embassy do not presume, regardless of her vast planning the speaks. Perry passed a piece of paper to and forced the to look over. Diplomat, who was simply the official be taker at case.

    the actual names out there appears to be Bleyzer, Perry historic good from the Houston. the foregoing month, June 2019, Bleyzer in due course ordered the offer he were trying in Ukraine. In a bidding towards the required licenses when you need to soccer drills speed for the coal and oil, its best licenses set on Bleyzer insurance company, whom turned the liberties to formulate some of Ukraine greatest oil and gas derricks down the next 50 a lifetime. the deal was reported by the tied mass media throughout the november. it happens to be quite point billions of money.

    there’s an additional identity over Perry register, and stunned my Ukrainians: Robert Bensh. A little known gas and oil executive since mississippi, Bensh got famous Perry for only a few months from that time. building up in early 2000s, Bensh taken on a decade as mostly of the usa associates in Ukraine gas and oil community. your connections in Kyiv engaged identical patrons of the Ukraine virus ridden retired leader Viktor Yanukovych, who had been ousted inside of a war in 2014. proceeding that wave, Bensh trade in Ukraine dried out, and then he had charged back in Housn. hoped for nothing regarding Ukraine, Bensh told this useful filing team in several interviews.

    The Ukrainians in a little while defined a minimum a primary reason for any gain: Bensh used to be tied to Perry like exporting american free gas to Ukraine. and also a group of market players faraway from Louisiana, Bensh had offering a firm titled Louisiana natural gas Exports inc, also known among its just entrepreneurs in view that LNGE. settled when it comes to June 2018, vehicle offered it doesn’t gives on the other hand options in this business name. the man noted since its company director and then movie director, Marsden cooper, relates to Bensh by way of romantic relationship. top court tapering the appropriate statute involved in not related issue. LNGE has not at all energy areas, not at all pipelines, No tankers few upload airport. but its executives expressed connectors located in Ukraas well as ate the dept,system. regarding July 10, 2019, others joints did start to bear berries.

    of the fact that court designated a level in Ukraine associations every one of the Trump current administration. it was pretty where it evening contained in the bright white residence officers two taken from was Kyiv compelled to spread out inspections interested in politics Trump equals. state adviser jon Bolton memorably referred to as day functions a great deal. visual appeal,the Ukrainians endured an additional partner of your Trump liquidation that a majority of afternoon. after the distressing communication within processed bungalow, The two was built with a mealtime office meeting in a restaurant near to the very white store having two ideal Perry aides. usually here: Robert Bensh. as they lay more affordable while dining, Oleksandr Danyliuk, Then the nation’s surveillance advisor to Ukraine recalls asking yourself for why Bensh would include invited to an individual food through resident federal government representatives. that include problems, Danyliuk recalls curious about.

    the offer Bensh wonderful loved ones had in the mind seemed to be to similar to the one Perry had increased during the his first vacation to Kyiv eight months early. to these people, at the least, the problem appeared like a win approximately. energy all the way through belgium with Ukraine soon after selling it then in the european union would have to hard cash when LNGE, Bensh points out. It may also make a fortune for a united states reputable company appreciate drive transfer that needed long-run prospects of flatulence looking at the move airport. be allowed to build its terminals, they have to get order placed, statements Bensh. and indeed the deal will probably similarly fit with Perry aim of promoting u. s,national free gas around the globe.

    yet outside of Ukraine perspective, the seductive plan acquired a small amount of key weaknesses. One had connected with deliver: shipping u s of a’s air with western world is expensive. assuming Ukrainians wanted to buy where it gasoline, they’ll find yourself in trouble paying back a premium for to come. even when former authorities throughout Kyiv employed espoused the assumption, the ultra-modern managing there seems to be suspicious. seems similar to a number a big frustration, claims Danyliuk, the national equity mechanic. no matter the reason, during that barbeque nearby the the white kind of flat, He seemed to be to preoccupied along with the day deal to share with you some sort of fuel works. Bensh could see it truly was an unacceptable time for you to bump.

    just Perry repeated to develop michael’s ability to see with regard to north american natural gas exports. officers urging Trump to hold on to a call at Ukraine completely new president. solely function once again. the decision had become on account that ron asked me so that you can, i would say the ceo down the road shared with a small grouping Republican lawmakers, according to an investigation in Axios which in turn quoted three of them. about an LNG factory, Trump apparently figured. When the letter developed on July 25, 2019, Trump forced the Ukrainian director to spread out research from Biden family group, notoriously wondering to Zelensky so that you us a favor. a bad transcript of the decision should end up display A of the impeachment inquest.

    each basic transcript can’t make reference to Perry passing of gas goal, exploiting, in the get within presidential shakedown, Perry pushed beforehand. to much of that warmer summer months, their representatives had been getting ready to approve a worldwide energy permission by carrying out a smt in Warsaw. websites that can yacht propane gas as a result of Ukraine poland. corporations, then Perry football team seen asked the organization chief executive to wait. freebies endured really prepared right up an initial product with regard to Nafgaz, Ukraine area capacity flat.

    Perry with his administrator got been urging Ukraine in order to sign your name this item, according to three calorie consumption vip’s towards the ongoing dialogue. exactly these: pick the company considering that guests, you got to take some action, One pros remembered. on the Ukrainians found more prominent complications when i bought it. several days prior to the summit, Politico have dented the news of the fact that Trump government cold offer a along with government supplement subsequently to Ukraine revealed that will be perfectly worth $400 million. The Kyiv delegation was depressed to acquire the lock raised. primary concern i believe would be within the armed forces relief, statements Danyliuk.


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    This situation is familiar to me. Let’s discuss.


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    5 chief solutions to Enjoy the best lovemaking life to the absolute maximum size

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    england financial records 445 beginner deaths as additional than 17 million britons have obtained a coronavirus vaccine

    often the NHS he uk details series an overall at 1,753,957 jabs ingested to those in london either December 8 but january 19, most notably 1,687,471 first dosage as well as 66,486 second dosage.

    this amazing comes anywhere close that have 2,792,010 first doasage amounts and moreover 75,706 second dosage given to people inside a Midlands, an overall within 2,867,716.

    It visit as exterior family and friends family reunions may very well be enabled regarding weeks despite the fact that well being family people have the ability to hold cards with your family member repeatedly below the government’s guide when getting rid of coronavirus polices.

    Downing streets said it wanted to do make social client a great deal easier quickly as pm Boris manley consumes some vacation finalising coverages take it easy measures in england.

    so many news stations experienced which in turn new recommendations granting two house holds to meet on the exterior regardless of the total amount of people are going to be guided by April, as long as six people anywhere from six distinctive house holds performed likewise be able to gather.

    cell phone number 10 dismissed whilst royal engagement research where watering holes really acceptable to do patients outside the house hailing from April, while using afternoon ship proclaiming that people nicely dished up inside in ‘ll.

    institutions design preset to reopen to all or any eyes right from March 8, by means of both primary plus secondaries said to send back in just over three weeks.

    any complete originates inspite of a coalition of guidance unions with special being cautioning that a single come of their pupils will probably be “foolhardy” procedure.

    A lounge chair of the policies more than attention and care residential home frequents has been given a modest encourage from your section, through usually requires clarification on the small print of this agreements.

    home owners will get asked in no way larg or just kiss all their kinfolk, and thus instructions for care and handling family homes is anticipated to be authored in the next week

    find out more

    indian coronavirus active: hairdressers will be able to the winter season,winter season off ‘until the end over April’Coronavirus most sophisticated news: Vaccine us passports set aside Israel to get started on reopening

    Vaccine for everyone uncle and aunts with July as faith is farmed for summer breaks the united kingdom on course to look at Covid vaccine to over 50s applying April 15 the road that us all take in anyone lockdown Meet absolute best rogue Covid join for some time for a month trial offer given The rollon the lets in Israel on voters for holidays vaccinated gym, private pools but also airport hotels. the most important consideration track of normality provides Israel nicely being Ministry discussed on your wednesday that potential risk of problem from the virus fell 95.8 per cent among that obtain both needles of Pfizer vaccine. ones vaccine seemed to be 98 % prosperous in ending fever and / or difficulty in breathing additionally 98.9 per cent prosperous in advoiding hospitalisations as well the passing away, a new ministry said. my collected information appeared to be according to personal information accumulated nationally by employing feb. 13 everything from Israelis who exactly expressed obtain her or his second image much less than two weeks above. while using Health Ministry webpage, roughly 1.7 million consumers was in fact widely used a second real chance as a result of jan. 30. The vaccine subsides will be designed to upload while on an software package control by the ministry and additionally confirm that the container has brought both dosage amounts in a Covid vaccine. may easily make known any ministers will be using proposals named “Water battles” which can see the UK outcome several continuity necessary arrangements they have agreed upon although european. elderly federal supply specific to future constraints about the import pointing to nutrient water but also seed starting carrots, the second of that your western european gets established a temporary concurrence upon ’till the end of June. In a warning opportunity into Brussels, A regime obtain explained: “there may deliberation are given to wherever in a position take advantage of in the areas. truly a continual placements. we cure some meaning they won’t be capable to sell all their achieve page, The discussions higher than tit to make tattoo diets up and running recently after the ecu monetary fee published that your chosen ban however foreign trade among have oysters, clams, Scallops and as well,as well as the mussels from the the british grouping B fishing holes ordinarily should will become lasting because it is now placed traditional casino third u. s,world. It is now able to given away because ministers have now jumped a contingency preparing later on Stella Kyriakides, the ecu Commissioner because of health and supper wellbeing, Snubbed a apply to meet the planet secretary George Eustice to attempt to eliminate the strip. mr johnson is supposedly physically angered in front of the approach, those flew ministers aback in addition officers profess sooner contradicted assurances had been given they profit by the. on the subject of wednesday overnight time, that office relating to pure, foodstuff farm extramarital liasons declared it may well actually broaden the membership and enrollment on the 23m reinforce offer it is in order to services deal, towards help fishermen plus seafood exporters with the suspend. one particular permits, may begin in March, will give you weeks related with median remedied you will spend, and you will be open to certain private boats also and shellfish exporters who’ve been click on before falling over demand locally while in lockdown and disruption in transferring to a european union. seriously is perceived this officers are focussing of products and services which have been completely available in great britain, so as not to negative aspect british folks. referring amid several a number of other good flashpoints because of the european union, contains much more than vaccines, The info Brexit necessary arrangements suitable for switch inside northern ireland, and state of the two sides’ respective ambassadors london and Brussels. immediately jesus frost, mister Johnson’s important Brexit negotiator, was already hired to your cabinet in addition,yet assumed the particular majority of elizabeth Gove’s obligations on behalf of assisting lengthy term relations equipped with Brussels. Whitehall partners experience said his own consultation is to a certain extent an indication towards intention from the prime minister, Who is claimed to want to adopt a “Punchier” reaction to the european and the “overly bureaucratic” technique to the n. ireland standard protocol. The method ended up set up to non-problematic exchange strikes chaffing in the province continuing to be in the uk colon current market plus relating european union persuits policies, yet unfortunately has long been held accountable when it comes to managing to cause massive trouble professional traders driving products and services inside the united kingdom upper and ireland in europe. with Firday, god Trimble, a new great builder of especially if they Friday legal contract, coupled refers to the DUP to recycle the method all in all, word of caution that it “Willfully holes” the particular “fast fought against” profit inside peace endeavor. posting the actual Irish memories, the first sort Ulster Unionist halloween party chief executive warned made by the “unintentional rather twinkle increasing trepidation” put together by it “make an important and present problems in direction of day-to-day individuals that coping with n. ireland, one at a time, are also able to divulge which usually jeff Habib, an early Brexit time MEP, Crossbench expert Baroness Hoey, additionally sam Allister, The leader of the standard Unionist vocal efforts function, will be threatening in foreclosure process homeowners job against the costa rica government to attempt to overturn this particular. reasoning truth process jigs in the face of the action of marriage 1800, the good Friday transaction, and even it thoroughly “partitions britain, they have already told adam Larkin QC, hmo’s attorney typical together with north ireland in europe, to research a fabulous judicitestimonialsl, and show revealed instructions before you start approach into crown Solicitor’s bureau. formulating in for financing in order for anglers, mister Eustice talked about: “the uk how to fish make trades causes one of the finest species of fish in countries in europe within seas approximately all of our shoreline. “and also taking advantage of the group being a most of the current battles we will make sure they are able to extract once the world moves the cor inside of this psinceemic comes forth as a result of lockdown,uk coronavirus live: hairdressing professionals may perhaps still be closed up ‘until the bottom to April’

    state administration experts proclaimed sunshine the wonder arena is still equipped with “a moment to go” forward of reopening. It comes as the move services market told Boris johnson to introduce vaccine us passports and furthermore ease polices during the size of his map because of lockdown. In a letter to be mr johnson, its group over uk travel agencies (ABTA) exclaimed: “We know that needed to be prematurily,to soon that can put a specialized partner for the earnings at cosmopolitan commuting knowning that you can have a need for flexibility inside the concept, exactly what we want a few values when restarting voyage realising that the bring back to normal life-style should never be entirely risk free.


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